Thursday, 12 February 2015

copyright and music in online video

An interesting article about underlying rights in video content online with special reference to
YouTube clips is on the Reelseo site:

It tackles the issue of the double standards of producers only too keen to protect the rights of their projects while happily plundering the content of others they find online. The words: "Copyright protection has certainly changed from a practical standpoint since the age of the internet." can't be contradicted but the dilemma is perfectly put: "While the laws protecting creators have strengthened since 1996, the practicality and ease of using copyrighted images and videos makes protecting your work a constant challenge. There are so many questions that need answers like “if I use a Google image in a video or in a blog post, what types of ramifications might there be?"

So often the underlying rights are ignored - and LinkedIn is still full of producers asking for advice about which rules to observe in using "found" material. There's no question, people are not becoming better informed, so it's not just still but probably more than ever a digital honeypot that can be a trap for the unwary!

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